After accumulating work and business knowledge from my tour of duty in the US Navy and four successful business careers -- corporate media business, data communications technology sales/marketing, data center design/build, and entrepreneurship -- I did extensive research about the connection between advances in digital technology, business disruption and the potential of permanent job losses. My concern was sparked by how reduced job opportunities might impact my grandchildren's future. What I found was a seminal moment that refocused my world. I felt compelled to expose my concerns for the future of work and the impact of leaving permanent employment by millions of "baby boomers."  I honed my skills in writing about the emerging Gig Economy which resulted in my book -- "BOOMERVILLE: Getting Off the Corporate Merry-Go-Round"

You can purchase a copy or download a Kindle copy from, or Xlibris, or at Michael I penned my book with the pen name Michael Hib to remove any confusion with the author Mickey Spillane's fictional detective character Mike Hammer.  

I rose through the business ranks of major newspapers with P&L of $50M in production, distribution, research, sales, and HR in major media markets. I learned extensive attributes in leading best practices in marketing and business development, sales/project management, technology implementations, and technology learning skills development in customer-facing environments. I developed the ability to drive and influence strategic direction creating a continuous learning environment, improving leadership, and workforce organizational performance and processes. I am a respected team member known for establishing positive partnerships with key leaders, stakeholders, and clients at all levels. I am an experienced communicator and able to adapt to a variety of diverse cultures, decision-makers, stakeholders, and individuals. I am known to be an astute client problem solver while enriching the customer relationship to become a trusted adviser.

While a newspaper executive in Memphis, TN, I was an associate executive adviser traveling with then Tennessee Governor, now U.S. Senator, Lamar Alexander. For several years as a member of his global economic development team, we were extremely successful in recruiting manufacturing jobs to Tennessee. Learning the value proposition of economic development, I applied those experiences successfully for the Memphis Chamber of Commerce, Denver Chamber of Commerce, and most recently for the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. 

These experiences allowed me to become a leading authority on the future and use of a blended workforce to include temp workers, freelancers, and independents within the expanding Gig Economy. I provided dynamic presentations and experienced trend analysis to help prepare business leaders for what's next. My unique approach is to scan the near-term horizon for what's happening right now and what's ahead. I often curate the most relevant insights and trends shaping the future workforce. The results are aimed at helping clients to not only understand but also influence the future direction of their enterprises.

This gives me the ability to connect the dots of emerging markets and efficient workforce deployment requirements to meet market demands. Use the contact form tab to let me know how I can help your organization or any inquiries.