I specialize in the business of workforce assessments and strategies that provides agility and flexibility to both independent (freelancers) contractors and employers who use them. A good starting point is reading my book "BOOMERVILLE: Getting off the corporate Merry-Go-Round" which can be found on Amazon, Xlibris, and other online bookstores. This is primer in how to utilize retiring baby boomers as an integrated solution to on-demand talent. Come to this site frequently for up-to-date information on how freelancers and employers are utilizing an ever-changing blended workforce model for more effective and productive outcomes.

Navigating Work in a Shrinking World infected with COVID19

Freelancers and those employers who will be using independent contractors in more significant numbers will have to navigate these uncharted waters carefully. The fact is, "there is no free lunch and no free healthcare." Individuals will need to be much more thoughtful and less trusting regarding career opportunities and healthcare decisions.
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Freelancers: The Ultimate Warriors

For a long time freelancer or independents whose livelihood depends solely on their skills, talents, and resourcefulness, we must now be warriors of determination and discipline. Most have no or little unemployment benefits. Without essential on-going contracts or residual incomes, we are hustling daily to find contract opportunities.
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