How will HR incorporate non-employed independents successfully in the 21st century? How will freelancers find opportunities with their special skills? How have others thrived in the Gig Economy? Get direct answers to HR, freelancing or Gig issues? Learn from experts? You will find it here from the Gig Doctor. Like many, I've had successful work experience as a corporate executive for several major newspaper media groups. I've also been an entrepreneur, independent or freelancer for nearly half of my working career. I've worked with major company HR executives providing tech training and soft skills. With successes and failures, I have the scars and war stories which may benefit others. I am a writer/consultant specializing in how blending the workforce with freelancers can pay dividends for both freelancers and employers. Start by reading my book "BOOMERVILLE, Getting off the Corporate Merry-Go-Round", a primer for those in or entering the gig work/life that can be purchased on 

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